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  • 230 disbursed credits for €100 million; 30 in progress for €10 million - March 2019
  • Avoided emissions of 102,725 TCO2e/year and primary energy savings of 354,000 MWh/year - March 2019
  • 10% incentive back after completion of the sustainable energy investment
  • Free technical assistance to assess the project
  • Modernise your industry, increase your profitability and competitiveness
  • Building retrofit with energy efficiency measures, reduced costs and better image
Eligible Projects
Energy efficiency and renewable energy investments in new construction of commercial and industrial buildings


Eligible projects
  • Investments in energy efficiency or renewable energy technologies in commercial, industrial and administrative / office buildings resulting in at least 30% energy savings or 20% CO2 emission reductions.
  • Investments in new buildings must meet the requirements of the Building Code with respect to new buildings' envelope (insulation, windows...) and the use of efficient lighting and solar water heaters.
  • Equipment must be purchased from the List of Eligible Materials and Equipment (LEME), however, this type of project still requires assessment from the MorSEFF consultant, free of charge.
Eligible sub-sectors
  • Buildings of industrial facilities, hospitality (hotels, riads,…), healthcare (clinics, hospitals…), schools and universities, call centers (offshoring), headquarters and office buildings of commercial private companies, retail and commercial centers…
Loan Size
  • Up to 30% of investment cost (excluding land)
  • Loan <= 45 000 000 DH on a maximum project size (excluding land) of 150 000 000 DH
  • 10% of loan amount after project implementation and verification.


  • Installation of double-glazed windows, low emission glazing
  • Thermal insulation of the building envelope (external walls, roofs, basements)
  • Installation of heat recovery from air ventilation systems and / or processes (e.g. installation of economizers for pre-heating purposes)
  • Installation of efficient lighting, dimming, daylight sensors, presence sensors, algorithmic lighting, grouping of luminaries)
  • Free cooling
  • Variable air-volume air-conditioning systems
  • Balancing of heating systems, implementation of individual heat control devices
  • Installation of efficient boilers
  • Implementation of on-site micro-cogeneration / tri-generation
  • Implementation of Energy / Building Management Systems
  • Solar thermal collectors
  • Biomass boilers
  • Geothermal energy utilisation for heating and / or cooling with or without heat pump
  • Surface water utilisation for heating and / or cooling with heat pump
  • Solar heating and / or cooling

For questions on whether your project can be eligible, please contact the MorSEFF team.

What is MorSEFF video

Small Scale Financing

Fast-track loan or lease of up to 3 000 000 DH + vast choice of automatically qualified equipment on LEME database + 10% cash-back incentive after installation


Larger/More Complex Investment Financing

Loan up to 50 000 000 DH / Lease up to 10 000 000 DH + free technical assistance through implementation + 10% incentive post-verification

SEMED Multidonor Fund (This Fund is supported by Australia, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Taipei China and the United Kingdom)


Participating Banks